Ozzy Was Here Mug 15oz


Nothing can beat the crazy essence of the Ozzy Osbourne incident that occurred in his iconic show on Jan 20, 1982.


The start was mesmerizing his fans with breathtaking music when the audience member threw a real bat onstage. The singer thought of it as a rubber bat and got his head bit off by the bat. Later, the Prince of Darkness suffered from rabies that not only made the “rock madman” but also got a biography specifically written after him.


Now, his name comes at the top of Top 10 Gruesome Classic Rock Legends. This mug features one of the greatest pictures of the rock star with a batman logo to remind his fans of his memories once again, while they are casually sipping away coffee at home. The sublimation print and handle is durable and the material is highly smooth for your liking.


– White ceramic

– 15 oz (0.44 l)

– Rounded corners

– C-handle